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Eliminate Dead Mouse and Rat Odors Hidden Behind Walls and In Vents

Photo mouseOne of the most common inquiries we get at Innofresh is “How do I eliminate the odor coming from a dead mouse in the wall, behind cabinets, closets and vents”.  We can help.

There is a way to Safely and Effectively eliminate dead rodent odor that is hidden behind a wall or in a vent.    The smell of decomposing mice is terrible.  You can smell it as soon as you walk into a room.  Of course, the best way to remove the odor is to remove the animal professionally.  However, in most cases, this just isn’t practical.  So, before taking a hammer to the wall, there is an easier solution to reducing and even eliminating the strong odor from a dead mouse.

If you have problems with mice in your home, we recommend first trying to trap the mice in the open with a mouse trap or other device so that the mouse doesn’t just end up eating the poison bate and then die behind the wall. However, despite best efforts to trap them, the reality is they often end up simply dead behind a wall and the smell is pretty darn bad.Photos - Mice

Natures best odor absorbing material is Activated Charcoal (or Activated Carbon). Our FRIDGE IT Cube Activated Charcoal Odor Absorbers are designed for a broad spectrum of odors which include the odor from decomposing animals. The same activated charcoal that can eliminate the worst refrigerator odor from decomposing food works great for the problem of dead rodent odors as well.

THREE FRIDGE ITNo chemicals or irritating fragrances that just mask the odor, our FRIDGE IT Cube odor absorbers actually absorb and neutralize the odor. If possible, we recommend also proper ventilation.  Make sure that any windows in the room are left open and the use of a fan pointing in the direction of the window will help reduce the odor as our FRIDGE IT activated charcoal does the rest.

Then, placing FRIDGE IT odor absorbers in the area where the smell is the worst is the best approach. The closer that you can place the odor absorbers to the suspected source will give you the best results.   FRIDGE IT contains a powerful micro-filter that absorbs and neutralizes odors as they pass through millions of micro-pockets and pores in the activated charcoal.  For best results, place the odor absorbers near the baseboards and in the general area near the wall.  Depending upon the size of the room and difficulty of the odor, we typically recommend 4 - 8 odor absorbers placed nearby.  

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