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Commercial and Industrial

Commercial and Industrial Odor Solutions

Innofresh ® LLC offers a full range of commercial odor eliminator products and value-added service programs designed to improve the air quality of your food and beverage operations that use our patented activated charcoal technology. Our chemical free, non-spill, non-toxic, unscented activated carbon technology is perfect for a variety of odor elimination applications including reach-in and walk-in coolers, display case refrigerated merchandisers and deli cases.

We offer odor solutions that are ideal for business and industry, hospital, college and hospitality foodservice as well as restaurants, café’s, snack shops for both your front of the house merchandisers as well as back of the house commercial refrigeration units. Innofresh ® LLC can provide you with a customized solution to reduce cross odor contamination and improve your food storage and food display environments.

Contact our sales department and ask about our commercial applications.

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