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Pet Odors Absorbers – Litter Box Activated Charcoal Odor Absorber


Pet Odor AbsorberInnofresh® PET Fragrance Free odor absorbers utilizes our patented activated charcoal carbon technology to eliminate odors and is completely fragrance free. No worry about irritating or harmful fragrances for your pets or yourself. Fragrances just cover up odors while Innofresh® PET odor absorber traps and eliminates those lingering odors from your pets.

Our activated charcoal carbon odor absorbers work effectively against those tough litter box odors, as well as in areas where cats, hamsters, gerbils, pet mice, rabbits, hermit crabs, turtles, birds, reptiles, ferrets or other small animals are kept.

Just clip our odor eliminator on to your cat litter box or even outside small animal cages to eliminate odors safely and effectively and without chemicals, gels, powders or sprays. Built in clip securely fastens to most litter boxes, and cages. Don’t settle for litter that claims to control odors. Eliminate them with Innofresh® Pet activated charcoal odor absorbers.

Have a dead mouse smell or odor problem in your closet, garage or wall? Dead Mouse 336 x 200 47.9 k

Innofresh Pet is a  great odor eliminator for the removal of odors from in the wall odors such as dead mouse smells, dead rat odor or the odors that smells like a dead animal in the wall or closet!  You can also use Fridge It odor eliminator for larger areas needing odor elimination for bad odors.

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