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About Innofresh Odor Eliminators and Fridge IT Odor Absorber

Sale Specials Everyday - Innofresh LLC is a leading manufacturer of natural, fragrance free activated charcoal odor absorbers and air fresheners, utilizing activated carbon technology that is also used in advanced medical and water treatment applications. While other companies offer scented products that just cover up odors, we approached the problem of odors differently by developing odor absorbers that eliminate the odors permanently rather than masking them with a fragrance that only cover up odors. Our products are proudly manufactured in America. For more about our company, please read more…

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Innofresh LLC is proud to work with many fine retailers to provide quality odor solutions to their shoppers. To find information on how to become an Innofresh retailer,
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Activated Charcoal

Activated Carbon is a natural, environmentally safe charcoal-based odor absorber that works better than leading air fresheners.
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