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Consumer Products- Fridge It® and Innofresh® odor absorbers

Innofresh® offers odor absorbers and odor elimination solutions that are pet-safe, environmentally friendly, and allergen-free using naturally activated charcoal!

Odor Absorbing Products
Innofresh LLC is proud to offer a wide variety of odor absorbing solutions that tackle even the worst odors without the overpowering masking fragrances of other leading brand air fresheners. Using patented Activated Charcoal technology, Innofresh’s® odor absorbers actually remove foul-smelling pollutants from the area around them for cleaner, fresher air. For a detailed description of each activated charcoal odor absorbing solution, choose one of the links below.


Innofresh can be found at many fine retailers as well as through our online store. Still unsure about whether Innofresh® Odor Absorbers will work for you? Take a look at what other customers are saying about us in our testimonials section!

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